​​ Terry Logistics Inc.  

           Our Team

                                Larry M. Bono - Assistant General Manager   

                                Larry’s expertise is in vending and as a business consultant. This includes any businesses requiring equipment from                                    freezers to ATMs. Larry is a consultant to the following businesses to name a few: Terry Logistics inc, the Route                                          Store, franchises are us, the Route Guys and NPL Consulting Services Inc. Larry also owns and or partners in

                                industry related businesses. He has owned dozens of businesses over his 36 year history of self employment, Beer                                        distributorship, NYC Cabs, Vending, Snapple and several other businesses, with most being transportation dependent                                  entities. Larry is one of the owners at Terry, he understands the complications associated with doing business which                                      have a heavy logistics foot print. Larry can help you navigate the transportation waters safety. Larry loves to help people find their way. if you need answers or want to learn more call Larry at 1 800 956 7260 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

                                ​       Sylvain Chouen (Frank) - President 

                                       Frank is also a logistics expert having consulted with and owned several distribution operations and routes                                                           including 
Chunks of Fruit Wholesale, Tea-Fresco, Frozen Valley, Amazon and other trucking / transportation                                                       companies and other unrelated businesses. Like John, Frank is also a disabled Vietnam era Veteran. 

                                       Frank has been associated in this business industry for over 40 years. As a result of this, he knows the logistics                                                   process and how to function at a high level during changing times. Frank is a time tested transportation and logistics                                           solutions expert and co-founder of Terry Logistics Inc. If you have any questions please feel free to call Frank at                  1 (800) 956-7260   for a FREE Consultation.​


                                Maryann Mcculloh - General Manager

                                Maryann has held many upper management positions during her career. At the Route Store, National business                                          brokerage, she was responsible for National broker compliance, to assure fast response and adjusted for customer                                      satisfaction. Maryann also worked directly for Lucille Roberts holding various positions in her 12 years there                                            working as: Supervisor, District Manager, Regional Manager/Assistant Vice President. Her responsibilities                                                included overseeing the sales, training, district manager training and much more. Maryann also was the author                                        of the Company Training Manuel which is still being used there today.  Maryann was also with Nature’s Bounty                                        for 100 existing stores and she was responsible for the hiring of their supervisors, district managers and more. 
Maryann has a long history of management, with a logistical foot print, having several duties all related to travel, training and structuring operations for decades. Today she is the General Manager of Terry where her duties include total operational control, while managing the operations center in New Jersey from Terry's main office in New York. To learn more Call : 1 (800)956 7260

                                 Michael Eisenberg - Sales Manager

                                 Michael has been a business consultant and sales expert for decades. His clients include: the Champ as seen with                                           Michael in a past photo, The estate of  Bruce Lee, Joey Reynolds and others. They all had something in common                                             them. Michael was their go to guy for their financial and business opinions. Michael is an Amazon fleet owner. He                                           invested knowing that the future with Amazon is bright. Michael also works with NPL Consulting Services Inc. dba,                                       The Route The Guys Inc. and The Route Store as their sales manager. Michael has over 50 years in sales and he is an                                     asset to people with questions as a solutions expert. Michael also consults for (COBEX). There, Michael makes sure                                       that all components associated to Terry are provided and function as designed. COBEX is an Escrow agent along with                                     another Escrow agent called JVT Logistics Inc. Each works to assure client satisfaction of services offered and received                                   by our collective clients. Michael works to maintain a 100% integrity at all times. His mission statement at Terry is       the same as COBEX, its full name is Corporate Business Exchange, the mission statement is to make sure that all parties deliver as they   agreed. To learn more call Michael at 1 (800) 956 7260

​​                                  Matthew R. Mattera - Vice President of operations 
                                  Matthew also consults for JVT Logistics Inc.  and NPL Consulting Services Inc. Matt has owned 3 successful businesses                                                    businesses since 2005, which he started while putting him self through college. After graduating college, Matt took over the                                           
day to day operations of the family business (the Route Store) and manages the multi million dollar volume that consists of                                            around 100 closings, that last 22 months. All of these buyers and sellers have stated 100% client satisfactions. Matt consults

                                  for other businesses such as: NPL Consulting Services Inc., COBEX and other businesses, all while managing his family                                                  business. Matt is young, but has owned several businesses in the transportation industry. At this time, Matthew is also a                                                  principal at Terry, The Route Store and companies. Matthew represents Terry and other companies providing IT solutions,

    and management services. Call Matt for a free consultation at 1 (800)956 7260.


                                  ​John A. Mattera - Founder and CEO  

                                  John is a decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran. John sees business from a military prospective and is organizationally                                    minded from a chain of command and other structures. John has worked in the transportation industry since 1969.                                      John’s process is required to facilitate any delivery from A to Z. John is the National Leading Expert on A to Z                                              management of all items that the parties are required to deliver. John has worked with government agencies and                                        public companies. Some were billion dollar companies. Here are a few he has worked with: Farmland’s Dairy, Froze                                      Fruit, Florida’s Natural, Dietz & Watson, Cablevision, US. Fish & Wildlife, the SLA, DMV - DEG .  He also holds                                          many other licenses, awards, patents, certifications, medals and more. John has been called to provide expert                                                witness testimony in Suffolk County Court. John has provided expert opinions for Arizona Ice Tea, Dannon Yogurt                                      and Big Geyer’s lawyers. When it comes to general industry knowledge in Logistics, Transportation, Trucking,                                              Distribution, Sub-Distribution, Warehousing, Product introduction, development, importing, start up operations,                                          expansion, and more. Click on John to see his linkedin profile. John built all of his many businesses using integrity                                      and total transparency. Call 1 800 801 5519 or 1 800 956 7260 to learn more about Terry Logistics Inc.